The Manipulator

Several years ago, we obtained from NBC a very unique piece of equipment called the “Manipulator.”  We completely disassembled it and removed from the 4th floor of 30 Rockefeller Center.  Re-assembled in our library media center, we have used it over the years for various projects.

This piece of equipment combines hands on work – the arrangement of real items on its stage with a background, the programming of the stage movement and zoom, and the capture of this onto a computer – and then integration into a production.

The device having a mobile/ programmable stage for video, is also ideal for stills – digitizing archival materials and the like.  We replaced the original camera with a Sony Alpha A6300 mirrorless ultra HD still / video camera.  We also replaced the hot halogen lights with cool LED lights.

Students in Ms. Williams French classed recently used the Manipulator for “videoscribe” or white board drawing video class projects.  The unit is ideal for digitizing old photos as well as creating animated projects.

Here are some animated projects that were created on the Manipulator when at NBC at 30 Rockefeller Center:

Examples throughout:

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