Bosse Klama – Media and Operations Intern – German Center for Research and Innovation, New York City

Bosse Klama is the Media and Operations Intern for the [popup url=”” height=”800″ width=”1200″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”]German Center for Research and Innovation[/popup] in New York City. He is currently enrolled as a Master’s student of Communication Management at the University of Leipzig, Germany and earned his Bachelor degree‎ in Communication and Media studies with one year of studies abroad in Madrid, Spain. Bosse worked at the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk, a German Public Broadcasting Station and for the German Federal Cultural Foundation as a Communication Officer. He is an avid traveler, interested in intercultural exchange, music, contemporary arts and good food.

The Program – Nov. 10th period 6 Tenafly High School Library Media Center
In Attendance: an art class, a journalism class, and a television production class

Bosse will provide an overview of the German broadcasting system, the “Duale System”, with both strong public and private broadcasting stations. Also, he shares some thoughts on the German film funding system‎, which is different compared to the Hollywood-predominated US-American system since it relies more on public funding.

Question to keep in mind as you watch:
– Just how much does our system of media effect our everyday lives?
– Through seeing how another system works, can we compare and be more accurate critics of our media consumption?
– Does our system of media deliver a public service – do they have the public good and welfare in mind as they prepare their programming menu?

Photos after the event:Presentation1

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