The Dictation: The simple practice of the teacher dictating a short paragraph to students and students write what is dictated.  Papers are either collected and graded or exchanged with an other student and corrected.

Memorization: A short poem or a few famous lines are assigned for memorization and recited in front of the class.

The Bon Point: A small card (slightly larger than a business card) with a picture with added information – it is used in French schools as a reward for successful recitation or problem solving.  It is prized by students as they can bring them home to parents and show them – also recorded in grade book.

Cursive Penmanship:  Perhaps one of the first “engineering and design” tasks for a student. The act of writing with more curves bringing more of as visual flow to the written word – video below explains how instruction takes place in France:

Student Fountain Pen: Used by elementary students in Germany, the Lamy cartridge fountain pen built especially for students is found in every elementary school student’s pencil case. It is gravity fed and requires knowledge of operation.



The Pencil Case: Requires by European students, the pencil case is equipped with all the tools students need.

Small Black Board Tablets:










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