In an effort to further creativity among our students, we look towards giving a name to an activity that has existed within the library media center for many years.   We wish to encourage more out of the box ideas and innovations, adding to this partial list of accomplishments:

  • 2000 – a student expressed the desire to “stream” video over the Internet – he was given access to a computer to work with and told “go for it” resulting in what has now grown into a standard practice – and we keep the tradition of hosting all video on demand, in house, on our own servers
  • 2002 – completely embedding a television broadcast center within a traditional library setting resulting in interest and visits from schools across the state and nation
  • 2004 – summer project for students to rebuild existing book shelves on wheels resulting in making library space more flexible (now standard practice in many new school libraries)
  • Donated professional broadcast equipment researched and installed in part by students
  • Student produced annual Asian New Year event
  • 2011 – A student wanted to encourage his peers to use their bikes to come to school resulting in “Bikefest” a day all students riding bikes to school were allowed to park them in the library’s TV studio
  • 2015 – student designed library carrels
  • 2017 – student created day by day, period by period automated visual schedule with clock, modulated on a TV channel to help usher in new rotating block schedule

By “packaging” such a program we hope more ideas will take root.  Students having creative ideas that add to the world are encouraged to come to the high school library and discuss.  Share them with library staff, and if we can help, please let us know.  Let us all put our minds to work on behalf of a better world!

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