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About our Facility

Main library floor with studio at center flanked with books. Tables larger than found in the Apple Store!Interdepartmental Cyber Cafe with donated LG display and donated chairsOpen piano for students allowing beautiful sounds to be heard within the walls of he library.Tiger Tots library and rowboat provide the young ones memorable and positive library experiences with transportation back to their classroom!Students busy with a broadcast in the THS-TV control room (one time storage room rebuilt with donated racks of equipment from broadcast companies.Studio B - alternate studio for quite interviews and sports broadcastingNewsroom / Video production lab where 4 TV broadcast classes are taught.

Upcoming Events

THS parent Ms. Phyllis Lin, an enthusiastic knitter, welcomes non-knitters and pro-knitters alike to her bi-weekly library knitting session from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm  You will grow to love knitting!
Library:  Tuesday, 9/19/23, 10/3/23, 10/17/23, 10/31/23, 11/14/23, 11/28/23, 12/12/23


Tenafly High School Library TV studio with American Flag on top.

School days at 9:14 a.m.: Students in 4 separate television production classes take turns to broadcast a live informational program from the center library studio to classrooms, homes of Tenafly over Cablevision Channel 77, and streamed worldwide.  Broadcasts are carefully prepared and produced in the library’s newsroom under the instruction of Mr. Steve Moger.


Past Events

Wunderbar Together Project Shaping the Future of Entrepreneurship in Germany and the US

Shaping the Future of Entrepreneurship in Germany and the USThe Hasso Plattner Institute, New York, in collaboration with the German International School of Silicon Valley and Tenafly High School under the Wunderbar Together initiative made this coast to coast / cross ocean project possible. Through these series of interviews coordinated by Dr. Joann Halpern of HPI-NYC and David Di Gregorio, HPI alumni planted the entrepreneurial spirit into the minds of many THS and GISSV students!

Cultural Celebration! January 27, 2023 – Starting with the Chinese Cultural Club 19 years ago, the central library TV studio and surrounding space hosted a Lunar New Year’s celebration.  Joined by the Korean Cultural Club, this event has grown and features all sorts of student performances, entertainment and exciting learning opportunities.  Watch here. 


Karl Ritter, Principal and Lamb Studios Stained GlassIn 1937, Karl Ritter, Tenafly High School’s first principal, purchased our Lamb Studios stained glass panels. Rescued from the original high school building and recently renovated they are permanently on display in the library.




Marching Band
THS Marching Band

November 7, 2022 – Check out Twitter for the apple cider and doughnut reception in the library to celebrate the success of Mr. Jacobetz and the Tenafly High School Marching Band. Honored guests will be all band members, the color guard, and Mr. Jacobetz, Marching Band Director.  All are welcome to attend.




Seniors look forward look forward to Tenafly High School’s Annual Halloween Parade (view video here) where students have enjoy a few seconds of fame under the lighting grid of THS-TV’s Center Library TV Studio.




The Tenafly High School Library Media Broadcast Center was glad to host the 2022 Candidates Forum on 26 October 2022. Many thanks to students Josh, Evan and Meryl on cameras and switcher. Please visit this page to watch.





Avid reader using touch screen to search for book

An avid reader searches for a book using a 43″ Viewsonic Viewboard Touch Display with the Follett Library Automation database. Four panels in total are installed, kiosk style, not only for book searching, but for newspapers, crossword puzzles and other engaging learning activities.   The idea for these displays came from the Staatsbibliothek-Bamberg, Germany.



ART AND MUSIC GREET THS STUDENTS AND STAFF IN 2022The artworks of Hieronymus Bosch, Hans Hoffman, Mary Cassatt, Winslow Homer with music composed by Bedřich Smetana greeted students and staff in the library as the 2022-2023 school year began. Artwork was displayed on monitors and music played through massive speakers donated to the library media center by NBC.




THS Outdoor Classroom Looking toward Library
THS Outdoor Classroom Looking toward Library

Architect’s drawing of Library Exterior of Tenafly High School’s library from its outdoor classroom. One can already see prior to the school’s opening in 1972, the library was intended to be a special space. September 14, 2022 marks  50 years (approximately 50,000 students and staff later) we continue to strive to honor the architect’s original intent of our library. Click on photo to enlarge.



Class of 2022 Graduation Ceremony
Class of 2022

Tenafly High School Graduation Ceremony is on Tenafly TV YouTube. Carried on this channel: school events, Daily Tiger Rundown: Live from the library studio, athletics, educational programs, and more. Subscribe to Mr. Moger’s Tenafly TV YouTube Channel! and receive broadcast alerts.




Schedule GraphicWhat class is next? Navigating the Block Schedule – Originally programmed by a talented student, an electronic signage generator helps students and staff know when and where to be. D Major chord indicates passing time. This information is broadcast and streamed on all our channels during the school day.


Tenafly High School Library Media Broadcast Center hosts Monday evening’s Board of Education Meeting honoring retirees

Tenafly Public School Board of Education
met in Tenafly High School’s Library Media Broadcast Center, 7th and13th of June 2022. These meetings, in part, were devoted to honoring Governor’s Teacher Award recipients and those retiring from Tenafly Public Schools.





10th Annual Science Research Symposium – students studying under Helen Coyle, Anat Firnberg, and Anna Rubenchik present their research to an audience of future Science Research students, parents and staff. Watch on Twitter.

Leonard Nimoy 2010
Leonard Nimoy 2010

Leonard Nimoy’s Advice to Tenafly High School Students – In 2010, Leonard Nimoy taped an encouraging and kind message for our students. He explains how the the arts were a doorway for himself, and how assigned reading can be used as a path to something we may want to learn more about.



William Francis Gibbs Interscholastic Engineering and Design Competition – The SS United States remains an icon of American design and engineering, inspiring the next generation of young innovators. Tenafly High School hosted ten competing teams from the New Jersey Interscholastic STEM League, inaugurating a landmark engineering and design competition with an authentic “Made in the USA” theme.

John and Doris Naisbit speak with Tenfly High Schoo Students 2010
John and Doris Naisbit 2010

China’s Megatrends: The 8 Pillars of a New Society
In 2010 John and Doris Naisbitt spoke about the future of China and how it will impact us. Students in the audience in the Lalor Library Media Center asked great questions and the event was covered by C-Span.



About the Lalor Library Media Broadcast Center:

Tenafly High School’s Lalor Library Media Broadcast Center continues to set the standard in providing space and services enabling teachers to teach and students to learn. In order to best serve our students and staff, we prefer to remain in a perpetual state of improvement – to be original, striving be an innovative trend setter in the world of school library media centers.

The original architects designed our library to be a special place, and we wish to fully honor their intent.  It is perhaps the largest library in a high school anywhere – just about large enough to accomodate the Space Shuttle!  Building on the foundation of the traditional library, we look far beyond our national borders for inspiration and ideas. Populated with the best resources and equipment – supported by the highest quality staff, we integrate all media in one centrally located complex. Shakespeare, television broadcast, Xeroxing, coffee, Mozart, tissues, Liszt, conferencing, live video production, post, and package video, paper clips, paper towels, streaming, video, maps, BOOKS!, laptops, novels, a grand piano, a workshop, exhibits, displays, egg hatching, encyclopedias, movies, dictionaries, meeting facilities, art displays, tape, rulers, diorama production, and sometimes a model railway and Foucault Pendulum – a “tiger tots library” with a reading rowboat – all under one roof.

Reading Rowboat takes tiger tots back to class
Reading Rowboat takes Tiger Tots back to class after library visit and book checkout

Over 1000 students and faculty use our services daily. Electronically, we reach out to many more via this website and a 24/7 television local cable broadcast also receivable with a click on the menu above. Every classroom and home in our community and beyond has electronic access into our facility providing a valuable school / community / world connection. We regularly receive school library media personnel, school administrators and even state officials as they are curious about our facility and want to see it in action. We welcome your visit anytime – tour and experience our unique facility!

Exploration and Impression
Library's Loft Book Shelves
Library’s Loft Book Shelves

Students, our best customers, are encouraged to explore topics related to coursework and discover new interests in spacious and welcoming surroundings. Our library and its contents are designed to encourage students’ knowing and liking the world. State-of-the-art – yet elegantly deployed technology and a wide range of resources make research efficient and allow students to gain new and different impressions concerning subjects of all kinds. We have our foundation in tradition with over 21,000 titles in print. We carefully build our services into the future, avoiding costly fads that come and go in the world of schools and school libraries. We offer a carefully selected menu of online database resources, laptops, and professional video communication.

Creative Expression


As students build knowledge concerning various topics, creative expression is encouraged. On our mezzanine level, among our 900s and biography collections, we have created exhibit space with 2,500 square feet of table top display area where students and staff can set up exhibits and invite classes and our school community for in-house field trips. Also included within the library media center complex is a media production lab or “newsroom”, and a fully equipped professional television studio flanked with bookshelves and a courtyard backdrop in the library’s center. The library’s studio regularly broadcasts programs and events locally and internationally on a wide range of topics.

On Behalf of the World

The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals
The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Students are encouraged to make full use of the library media center to further their study, broaden and deepen their minds, share their learning, innovations, and express their creativity with a hope that they will use knowledge on behalf of one world we share.