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Students experience television, communication, and multimedia

Students find themselves in the midst of exciting changes in television, communication, and multimedia. Uniquely embedded within Tenafly High School’s Library Media Center, broadcasting and video production students get hands on experience working with a wide range of equipment. They take part in daily decisions and become part of the exciting dynamic found in live television broadcasting. Knowledge and experience gained here will be beneficial no matter what career choice these students make. Many students find their niche at THS-TV in front and behind the camera.

We encourage our students to be the inventive and visionary persons of the 21st century

Involved students experience the excitement of live broadcasts and tapings of our school’s events to include theatrical performances, sports, classes, video conferences, special events and promotional videotapes using professional broadcast equipment. Many events are broadcast live from our television studio located in the center of the library. Students learn about the technical and historical aspects of television, a broadcast medium that rose out of the minds of inventive and visionary persons early in the 20 century. This is the only area of the school where students, under supervision, get hands on experience with the latest in streaming video technology, digital video editing, computer networking, graphics for television, imaging, and can experiment with the undergoing convergence of television and computer technology. We encourage our students to be the inventive and visionary persons of the 21st century.

The best broadcasts must have respect and good will as their central purpose

Students will experience what it is like to work behind and in front of the camera in television. With broadcast equipment donated from several television stations along with several grants from the T.E.F. and H.S.A., we have built a multi-use live television control room, chock full of professional broadcast equipment with lots of buttons and gadgets. A direct fiber optic transmission to Cablevision’s head end allows for broadcast to all Cablevision subscribers in Tenafly. All this is uniquely and efficiently embedded into a large one time storage area within our library media center complex.

Students become technically and / or artistically involved and they have the opportunity to learn about television production, refine their communication skills, and learn that the best broadcasts must have respect and good will as their central purpose. As media corporations all fight for an increasingly fractionalized audience, this is a most important ethical lesson for students to learn.

Students that belong to this learning community form their own homeroom producing a “Morning Homeroom Program” that all other homerooms, Tenafly residents, and visitors to this web page can view.!