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Dear Students,

Taking part in and contributing to the operation of your school can be a very rewarding learning opportunity.  We encourage this.  Below, please find a partial list of volunteer opportunities within our library media center:

  • Shelving books and assisting with traditional library services
  • Assisting in the installation of broadcasting equipment and making cables
  • Small projects in the library’s workshop
  • Digitizing archival collections to include photos, films and videos
  • Assist in design, creation, and installation of energy saving LED light fixtures
  • Videotaping of various events – assisting TV production students
  • Assisting in the creation of interactive learning displays
  • Egg incubating and hatching project
  • Assistance in and creation of the installation of exhibits
  • Assistance behind the circulation desk
  • Suggestions & proposals from you

Thank you for considering.  Please visit our circulation desk or stop in my office behind the desk if you have an interest.

Mr. Di Gregorio