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Seeing the Art in Science

Tenafly High School Students Seeing the Art in Science – (for students in fall 2016 0nly)

An exhibit, on loan from the German Center of Research and Innovation in New York City, is presently installed in the Tenafly High School Library Media Center.   Kathryn F. Coulter, Senior Multimedia Designer of the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology, selected and artistically enhanced twenty images from a variety of labs and researchers made with Zeiss imaging equipment. The results provide an astonishingly colorful display of unexpected biological forms.

Installed and individually illuminated on the newly renovated second floor of Tenafly High School’s Library Media Center, over a dozen classes (and counting) toured the exhibit.   Students from Dr. Kennedy’s sophomore biology class commented on the brilliant colors and enjoyed discovering the identity of every object through a guide handed out to each student.  Along with science, a variety of art and English classes also toured the exhibit.  It is hoped that this will be the first of many exhibits and shows, both on loan and student generated, taking place in this space.

Students observed “Cognition Writ Small,” the brain of a honeybee, and were both surprised with the shape of the brain, and delighted with the brilliant orange background.  As they read the description and looked even closer, they discovered small green points in the bee’s brain responsible for producing dopamine.   Students also commented on “Floral Fingerprints” depicting a glimpse of “extraordinary morphological form of pollen”.

Tenafly High School would like to thank Dr. Joann Halpern, Director and Julia John Scheder, Program Officer from the German Center of Research and Innovation for allowing our school library to borrow these wondrous works.  They have provided both an informative and an aesthetic experience for Tenafly high School students.