23 August 2016

Dear Students,

Taking part in and contributing to the operation of your school can be a very rewarding learning opportunity.  We encourage this.  Below, please find a partial list of volunteer opportunities within our library media center:

  • Shelving books and assisting with traditional library services
  • Small projects in the library’s workshop
  • Digitizing archival collections to include photos, films and videos
  • Assist in design, creation, and installation of energy saving LED light fixtures
  • Videotaping of various events – assisting TV production students
  • Assisting in the creation of interactive learning displays to travel to other schools within our bus
  • Creation and maintenance of library terrarium
  • Egg incubating and hatching project
  • Assistance in and creation of the installation of exhibits and events within our mezzanine facility
  • Assistance in running the circulation desk
  • Suggestions & proposals from you

Thank you for considering.  Please visit our circulation desk or stop in my office behind the desk if you have an interest.

Mr. Di Gregorio
Supervisor of Library Media Services


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