As a local physician and proud Tenafly parent, Dr. Eric J. Margolis is a well known and respected member in the Tenafly community. Dr. Margolis is an attending urologist at NJ Urology and the Urology Center of Englewood, as well as the Chief of Urology at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. In addition to his longstanding medicinal practice, Dr. Margolis is an experienced clinical researcher who currently serves as the Clinical Instructor of Urology at Mount Sinai Hospital and the Director of Clinical Research at New Jersey Urology in Englewood. He has published 5 papers and is involved in 6 ongoing clinical studies ranging from prostate and bladder cancer to neuro stimulation of the urinary tract. On Thursday, December 7, 2016, he presented an overview of some of the research he is involved with as well as his perspective on what it takes to do clinical research to the Tenafly Science Research and AP Biology students.
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