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Funding and Equipment – How to Help

The "Manipulator" donated by NBC: hands on and creative experience for students!
The “Manipulator” donated by NBC: hands on and creative experience for students!

We are revolutionizing the function of a typical school library. You can help in this endeavor. Traditional school libraries act as content warehouses where students find resources they need. In Tenafly, we have expanded the role of the traditional library from a content warehouse to content producer –where students, staff, professionals, authors, elected officials, artists, scientists, and more take part in content production.To help facilitate this process, our school has located a television studio in the center of our library. We host guest speakers, student produced informational programs, musical concerts, and more and share them not just with our students, but with students all over the world.

We continually strive to keep our library, television studio / control room / media production center filled with useful equipment. Should the reader of this web site have contacts, particularly in the area of television broadcast equipment, please contact us at 201-816-6617. If you would like to help library media center services at Tenafly through a contribution, you may send a check made out to Tenafly High School / 19 Columbus Drive, Tenafly, NJ 07670. Make sure “Library Media Center” is indicated. Thank You!