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Special Guests Appearing in our Library’s TV Studio

Dr. Peter Balakian, returns to THS and discusses poetry and literature with students.

Seongmin Lee, a North Korean Defector, talks to students about life in North Korea and his experiences after leaving the country.

Peter Balakian, The Burning Tigress, Black Dog of Fate (library-studio visit)

Henry T. King, Nuremberg Trials Prosecutor, The Two Worlds of Albert Speer (videoconference)

Steven Ujifusa, A Man and his Ship (library-studio visit)

Congressman Louis Stokes, (library-studio visit)

Leonard Nimoy on Art, Reading, and Research (on location taping)

Sam Braverman on Forensic Science (library-studio lecture)

Juan Camilo Ibáñez-Mejia PhD on Space-Institut für Theoretische Astrophysik, Heidelberg (library-studio lecture)

Sam Braverman on Forensic Science (library-studio lecture)

John and Doris Naisbitt China’s Megatrends – The Pillars of a New Society , (library-studio lecture)

Bosse Klama on German Broadcast and Media (library-studio lecture)


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